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Have you ever wondered what skiing and snowboarding was like in the ‘good old days’, before mammoth queues, impersonable crowds, untracked powder that lasts as long as it takes to eat the lunch that you’ve had to take out a second mortgage just to buy on the mountain? Cue ‘The Clubbies’. Step back in time (not too far though, our pioneers used to walk a long way just to strap on their planks) and experience the last frontier of skiing and snowboarding at New Zealand's club ski fields, without the disinfected, disconnected feeling that often taints modern day alpine experiences. Find good lines, good people and an amazing vibe at the club fields - an incredibly unique experience near Christchurch, New Zealand where human ingenuity, quirk and even craft beer combine to make for a cocktail of magic memories on snow.

Good Gear

Just like any ski area anywhere in the world, you’ll need the basic assortment of kit when you visit the clubbies, from warm base layers to waterproof outer layers, sunglasses, goggles, helmet, wooly hat, skis/poles/snowboard & boots, gloves, day pack, and some form of transport to get you there. Below we’ve listed our recommendations on where to get hold of the essentials that you’ll need when you hit The Clubbies.

Outer Layers

Base Layers


Ski Boots


Ski & Board Rental

Ski & Board Repairs

Snow Chains

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The Chill Pass is a multi-mountain pass accessing ski areas in the Southern Alps. When you purchase a Chill Pass you get access to The Clubbies with great value on the lift rates, a choice of multiple ski areas and the flexibility to ski and ride when it suits. For those wanting to ride all season long there is a Chill Season Pass and for travellers or locals with limited time to ski there is the Chill Anytime Pass. Get your Licence to Chill Multi Mountain Pass at chillout.co.nz

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