Broken River Cheeseman Craigieburn Hanmer Springs Mt Olympus Temple Basin
Broken River Cheeseman Craigieburn Hanmer Springs Mt Olympus Temple Basin
Ski & Board Rental
On-Mtn Accom
Night Skiing
Snack Shop/Canteen
Alcohol Available
Ski/Board Repairs

Beginner: 25%, Int: 50%, Adv: 25%


1 Learners Rope Tow, 2 Rope Tows

Skiable Area


Lift-Accessed Vertical


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Founded in 1929, Temple Basin Ski Area is simply the rawest alpine experience of any New Zealand Ski field. Located in the heart of the Southern Alps Main Divide in Arthur’s Pass National Park, Temple Basin is a ski field like no other. There’s no sealed road to the top, there’s no road period. Send your gear up on a goods lift, leave your car at the bottom and hike up on foot. The walk will take you 40 minutes to an hour but this is a well-known filter to keep the posers away and those in the know where they want to be. The field has a reputation as a big mountain paradise, and with so many aspects receives plenty of powder stashes in every snowfall. 


With no groomers Temple Basin is a proud off piste playground. There’s a great mix of cold shady faces and sun baked slopes, perfect for spring slushies.


There is a 'goods lift' to transport your gear to the lodges while you walk up the foot track. There is a fully stocked canteen with snacks, craft beers and locally produced wines, as well as cosy accommodation and a 'toilet with a view'.


As for accommodation, they’ve got that covered too. Ski in ski out does exist in New Zealand. Wake up on top of the world and finish a great day’s skiing with a cold drink and a hot meal.

Temple Basin is a club operated ski field employing trained professionals to manage and run the mountain. The club members welcome all to come visit. 



 Welcome to laid back, affordable, fine grained skiing and snowboarding, barrel-aged to perfection, without the onesies. Sans grippers. New Zealand’s club fields are to sliding in the alpine what Steve McQueen is to cinema. Forget chairlifts. Think woven twine, hardened steel, hardwood timber and No.8 wire. The Clubbies primarily utilise ropetows as a means of upward transport (with a few T-Bars thrown in for good measure), time tested and proven for their low cost, low maintenance and efficiency in moving alpinists to higher elevations. The vibe is unique. You won’t find anything like it anywhere on Earth. Far from the sterile atmosphere you’ll likely experience at most commercial ski areas, The Clubbies emit warmth (it doesn’t affect the snow) and a welcoming vibe. They offer lasting companionship with other like-minded souls, superb skiing and riding (which takes days to get tracked out) and on-mountain lodging - a rarity in the ski areas of New Zealand. The Clubbies are ski clubs (though most definitely open to the public) run by passionate locals who, rather than see soaring profits, would rather feel the rush of the wind in their hair and white stuff sliding beneath their planks. 


 The Clubbies are nestled in the Southern Alps, between 1.5-2hrs drive west of Christchurch City - New Zealand’s second largest city (that’s not saying much though). Hanging out in the skinny country that we call home, The Clubbies benefit from snow storms from all directions, though prevalently it comes from the west.


The Clubbies cater for every type of skier and rider - first timers that have never seen the white stuff in the flesh before, hardened vets who like to point it, huck it, drop it and send it, and everyone in between. The learners’ facilities and terrain on offer at The Clubbies will ensure swift development of beginners looking to progress in the sport while intermediate terrain provides the stimulation and challenge sought by those who have stepped up a level from the days of pizza, fries and falling leaves. And the advanced terrain? Extreme skier and all-time skiing legend Glen Plake visited a few of The Clubbies some years ago and was quietly impressed. Next thing we knew, extreme skiers and riders from all corners started to rock up for their share of the gnar. So, let’s just say that for some of the more challenging runs lurking within The Clubbies deepest darkest, steepest and snarliest corners, you’ll want to wear an extra pair of underpants.