Good Gear

Just like any ski area anywhere in the world, you’ll need the basic assortment of kit when you visit the clubbies, from warm base layers to waterproof outer layers, sunglasses, goggles, helmet, wooly hat, skis/poles/snowboard & boots, gloves, day pack, and some form of transport to get you there. Below we’ve listed our recommendations on where to get hold of the essentials that you’ll need when you hit The Clubbies.

Outer Layers

Rope Tow Accessories

Ski & Board Repairs


Ski Boots


Down Jackets

Gnomes Online Store

Rentals & Services

When visiting the Clubbies you may want to rent some gear, rather than splashing out, or drop your gear off for a tune on your day off. Check out these awesome providers of top notch offerings that'll be just-the-job for your foray into the hills.

Tours & Transport

Ski & Board Rental

Car Rental